Sunday, April 17, 2011

Martha Stewart: On Starting and Running Your Business

Book Review:

The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Build or Manage a Business

When Martha Stewart--a woman with a net worth of over a billion dollars--presents ideas regarding success in business, people take notice. In this book Stewart presents ten business concepts that she believes are crucial.
Here are a few of the subjects she covers:
Rule 2: What's the Big Idea.
Rule 4: Teach so you can learn.
Rule 6: Quality is everything.
Rule 7: Build an A-team.

Stewart's book is written in an upbeat, confident, and optimistic style. It would be a good one to keep on the shelf for those times when you want something positive and encouraging.
Stewart says: "Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but it is exciting, fun, and amazingly interesting and challenging. As you will read in the following chapters, being an entrepreneur requires a person to do more than just "go to work," much more than just "do a job." It requires eyes in the back of one's head; constant learning; curiosity; unflagging energy; good health, or at least a strong constitution that will ward off illnesses; and even the strength and desire to put up with sleep deprivation and long hours of intense concentration."
I enjoyed the book and I plan to put one or more ideas presented into practice.
(The following link goes to the book at Amazon.)
The Martha Rules

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